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Name: Gloria McMahon
Date: 05 Jan 2016
great sight OHL8
Name: Veronica Rackley
Date: 13 Feb 2014
Love this site. Keep looking for that special pony.
Date: 31 Dec 2013
Name: Jill Hanley
Date: 15 Apr 2013
Enjoying your Shetland Pony Sales website

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All listings for: BeyondBlue Pony Stud

Photo Title
Beyond Blue Nikita Beyond Blue Nikita

DOB: 13/12/18 Nikita is a very friendly little girl. She is one of the first ponies to meet you...

$400 AUD 27 Feb 2020
Wedgegully Perfection Wedgegully Perfection

DOB: 10/09/09DOB: 10/09/04 Perfection has been with us a long time. She consistently puts...

$500 AUD 27 Feb 2020
The Meadows Secret Wish The Meadows Secret Wish

DOB: 10/09/09 Sammy as she is known at home is one of our favorites. She is such a chilled little...

$600 AUD 27 Feb 2020
The Meadows Sapphire The Meadows Sapphire

DOB: 10/10/15 Sapphire is a really pretty little mare, she has a beautiful dishy face, big eye and...

$800 AUD 27 Feb 2020
Ponytails Springtime Ponytails Springtime

DOB: 1/9/15 Springtime is a very friendly, quiet little pony. She has a lovely eye, pretty face,...

$600 AUD 27 Feb 2020
Pentland Nonie 2nd Pentland Nonie 2nd

DOB: 24/10/03 Nonie has been with us a long time and is a great broodmare. She throws pretty,...

$600 AUD 27 Feb 2020
Mystery Lodge Skye Mystery Lodge Skye

DOB: 19/10/17 Skye is a really pretty little filly. She is a bay but is so dark that she is...

$500 AUD 27 Feb 2020
Mystery Lodge Izabelle Mystery Lodge Izabelle

DOB: 19/09/13 Izabelle is a really lovely mare. She has a really pretty face, large poppy eye &...

$800 AUD 27 Feb 2020
Mystery Lodge Crystal Mystery Lodge Crystal

DOB: 22/10/15 Crystal is a very friendly, very pretty little mare with unusual white markings down...

$800 AUD 27 Feb 2020
Musk Lavender Maizy Musk Lavender Maizy

DOB: 21/10/08 Is sold with a service certificate to Glenelen Hot Shot, resulting progeny will be...

$800 AUD 26 Feb 2020
Glenelen Hot Shot Glenelen Hot Shot

DOB: 6/12/09 Hot Shot has been colour tested as Homozygous pinto, meaning that all his progeny...

$800 AUD 26 Feb 2020
Domino Downs Chime N Bears Glory Domino Downs Chime N Bears Glory

DOB: 19/10/15 Paperwork done for stallion recording Vic Pinto Buddy as we call him has been...

$1,800 AUD 26 Feb 2020
Beyond Blue Phantom Beyond Blue Phantom

DOB: 22/08/19 Phantom is a really friendly little man. He is a well built colt, with a beautiful...

$600 AUD 26 Feb 2020
Beyond Blue Glengarry Beyond Blue Glengarry

DOB: 27/10/16 Glengarry has been colour tested as homozygous bay. He is a friendly boy, with a...

$500 AUD 26 Feb 2020
Beyond Blue Chevy Beyond Blue Chevy

Chevy is a really nice colt, who would show well either as a colt or if gelded. He is easy to do...

$500 AUD 26 Feb 2020